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The Road To $1 Million

Aug 16, 2021

Small food brands are big business. They’re growing because they’re introducing new foods to the marketplace or creating healthy versions of already popular snacks. These brands not only have a ton of raving fans, but have very high valuations and have been selling to bigger food companies for hundreds of millions of dollars.

That’s why I wanted to introduce you to Emily Griffiths, founder of Lil Bucks. With no business background, Emily caught a vision for a cereal brand and ran with it. Even though she didn’t know “how” she’d grow her startup to become a 9-figure business, her excitement carried her through the early stages. On the way to a million dollars in revenue, she’s already looking at Series A funding. Emily is the perfect example of big thinking and big action.

This episode is for entrepreneurs who can cast a long term vivid vision for a brand they’re passionate about, as well as the investors looking to offer capital and guidance in exchange for a piece of the highly lucrative pie.

Listen in and you’ll learn what it takes for an entrepreneur to take an ecommerce brand from an impulsive idea to a sustainable long term vision.