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The Road To $1 Million

Nov 29, 2021

Today we wanted to share a call from a NEW member of The One Percent, because while Táz is a new face in our community, we really believe in her.

Táz is focused on building a brand by creating a group of products that all serve the same person. Someone like herself, millennial moms who want to stay fit and healthy.


Nov 15, 2021

Josh Martin returns to the podcast to discuss a serious stumble in growing his BBQ brand - his main product is losing money.

Josh hasn’t hit the sales goals he was hoping for with his latest rub spice SKUs.
And his thermometer product feels like a race to the bottom with the competition.

However, he has a 3,000 person...

Nov 1, 2021

Jason Franciosa is the owner of the wildly successful fitness brand Element.26 that sells functional gear for weightlifters.

After scaling the brand to $500k/month in revenue or about $6M per year, he is now a coach within the Capitalism Incubator, helping other entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses.

In this...