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The Road To $1 Million

Sep 20, 2023

So many multimillionaire brands have a powerful hook that describes what they do.
And every business owner better have his "elevator pitch" down to a sentence or two when it's time to describe what the business is.


This is where Heinz has been getting stuck as he is building his own brand to serve people are want to...

Sep 13, 2023

Nicole wants to start an eCommerce brand but keeps hitting a wall when it comes to choosing her ideal customer to sell to.


She is a restauranteur and runs a successful photography business but worries selling some kinds of physical products to photographers, and perhaps even a subset of a photographers like the...

Aug 30, 2023

Marwan has already sold a baby sunglasses ecommerce brand but he REALLY regrets not building that brand's audience more intentionally. 


This time he wants to do it right but has concerns about using his face and his own personal brand content for this new brand he is starting to build.

He wonders, should these be 2...

Aug 23, 2023

In this episode Brandon is thinking about targeting a product to owner's of wiener dogs specifically but worries... is this niche too small?


Ryan walks him through when targeting a specific customer is a great strategy as a brand, and when it becomes TOO specific that you can begin alienating potential buyers.



Aug 9, 2023

What happens when Ben does what Ryan says? After implementing what Ryan told him on a previous call in The One Percent, he is now selling on Amazon!


He was in the perfect place to start selling his product formulation in person and direct people to his website, but now after the initial Amazon sales and reviews have...