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The Road To $1 Million

Jul 19, 2023

Josh went the aggressive advertising route when it came to building his brand and he built a million dollar run rate business in just a few months.


The downside is... he had a really hard time making the margins work.


In this conversation you'll hear one way to build a million dollar business by raising money, and having a board, and spending a lot on advertising... but he says in this conversation that he wishes he had spent more time following the 12 Months To $1 Million book strategy around organic audience growth.


Listening to this podcast you'll leave with a more balanced view of the ways you can get there - either by running a bunch of ads or really grinding in the early phases.


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(0:05) - Intro


(2:25) - Josh Call Starts In The One Percent


(3:00) - Getting Started Working With Mushroom Brands


(4:50) -The Founding Of Shroom Junkie


(7:10) - Josh's Aggressive Ad Strategy


(11:35) - Avoiding Cashflow Issues And Inventory Crunches


(14:30) - Recent Developments In The Brand


(16:15) - Lessons Learned Around Financing And Company Structure